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In February, there are ZERO planets in retograde so the energy is free flowing and prime for making magick happen. This month is all gas and no brakes! 


This creates a unique opportunity to manifest and heal in a MASSIVE way. Dream bigger than you ever have before, let your deepest desires out without hesitation, allow your heart to be completely open to the Universe to make big moves!


Take advantage of this incredible energy with a 5 day energy working and readings to track your progress


Why 5 days? The number 5 is an incredible number of change, adaptablity, and all about thriving in fresh new enviorments, just as you need to be able to do when manifesting! 


How does it all work?


Each night, for 5 nights, a candle will be programmed with your inention and healing Reiki to give it strength, protection, and support. Your guides, spirits, and angels will be asked to step forward to assist 


The candle works by opening your energy and the doorway to the etheral realm so each can clearly communicate with one another with ease. The candles flame also gets deep within your energy to clear out blockages and untangle energetic knots so that Reiki healing can reprogram your vibration to align with your intention


As the candle burns, I will feel into the energy and provide more Reiki healing where needed as your inention travels through the Universe. I will also read your candle flame and and pull Tarot cards to provide further direction and insight on your progress



***Add your inention at checkout in the notes. Not sure how to word yours? Send me an email at***


Your results will be sent to the email used at checkout after each working


Please allow one business day for your working to start after purchase 


Please check your spam folder for emails from

Manifest Magick 5-Day Energy Working and Reading

  • This is NOT a physical product sent to you. 

    1 white candle will be programmed with your manifesting intention and Reiki healing each night and a flame and tarot reading performed to track your progress.

    Results will be sent each night.

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