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With Healing Reiki and Candle Magick, Quickly Bring Your Manifestations to Reality.


Candle Magick rapidly sends your intention and offering out into the Universe to convene with your Angels, God/Goddesses, and Ancestors to assist in bringing your manifestations forward, while Reiki gently yet powerfully gives you fiery strength and confidence to believe in and grow the manifestions, and heal. 


One white candle will be burned for you, infused with healing Reiki energy and your intention to manifest. Please add your intention to manifest in the notes at check out. **Tip: Be specific! The more specifc you are the better the Universe can deliver what you are wanting. For example, if you put you just want more money, that may come in the form of overtime hours at work. If that's not how you are wanting it, add how, like a promotion! 


You do not need to set time aside for your candle burning so, this is great option for those who don't have time for a full Reiki session. 


I will take photos of your candle and notes on the energy felt and send them to the email used at checkout. Please be sure to check your spam email in case it filters into there. Emails will come from


*Please allow 48-72 hours for email from time of purchase.*



Manifesting Reiki with Candle Magick

SKU: 1111
  • One White Candle Infused with Reiki Healing and your Clearing Intention will be burned for you. This is NOT a phyiscal product sent to you. 

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