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🌕 It is time to gather under the LAST Full Moon of the year and set the tone of 2024! 🌕


✨ This Full Moon will be December 26th and in the watery, emotionally in-tune, and intuitive sign of Cancer. ♋🦀


♋ So, under this Full Moon, it's the ideal time to reflect on the past, your emotional patterns, and release all blocks and hang-ups in those areas. Build your solid emotional foundation!


🦀 This Full Moon will also help strengthen intuitive abilities so, if diving deeper into them has been a goal of yours, this is the time to release what has been holding you back from doing so!


🌕 Examples of how to release under this Full Moon:


❤Release concerning Love: "I release all emotional patterns that have kept me from attracting the love I desire and becoming the partner I want to be so, that I may create a solid emotional foundation within myself."


💵Release concerning Money: "I release the vibrations and thoughts that have blocked my ability to call in, retain, and build monetary wealth. I release the mental blocks that have blurred my vision, keeping me from seeing opportunities to call in monetary wealth."


🌱Release concerning personal growth: "I release all emotional and mental blockages that have hindered my personal growth so, that my energetic soil may be restored and create the perfect environment for growth."


***Add your clearing intention to the notes at checkout***


The live will begin on TikTok at 9 pm EDT on 12/26/23 where I will program them live. I will number your spot on the tray and send a mini reading to the email used to purchase. **You do not need to be present if you are not able.


**Please allow for readings to be sent 48-72 hours after the ceremony**


Please check your spam folder for emails from

*TIKTOK LIVE (12/26/23) Full Moon in Cancer Candle Ceremony

  • This is NOT a physical product sent to you. 

    This candle will be programmed and burned live on TikTok.

    48-72 hours after the live, a mini reading will be sent to you with my energy observations. 

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