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🌑 The New Moon in Aquarius is upon us and it's time to prepare for our manifesting ceremony on 2/09/24 at 8:30pm EST on TikTok!


♒Under this New Moon, we will harness the outgoing and loving energy of Aquarius to help you connect with others, embrace new experiences, welcome adventure, and have a more open-minded approach to life...become more care-free just like an Aquaruis 


✨As we come together in this ceremonial space, we will use candle magic to send out our manifestations with power, confidence, and laser focused direction


🌑Whether you're new to energy healing or a seasoned practitioner, this event will provide a guided, transformative experience to help you set intentions for the future. Don't miss this opportunity to tap into the energy of the New Moon and manifest positive changes in your life!


 ✨So, let's get into some examples of how to word your manifestation under this moon:


🌿 Manifestations on growth: I manifest expanding my personal growth through opening myself up honestly and confidently to the Universe and others and being open and excited for changes.


💵 Manifestations on money: I manifest monetary wealth through allowing my ideas on how to obtain it to expand and be driven to try the new ideas. 


💖 Manifestations on love: I manifest more love within my life by allowing my energy flow freely and authentically with others and see the beauty through learning more about myself and others. 


***Add your manifestations into the notes at check out. Be specific! The more specific you are, the better the Universe can deliver!***


The live will begin on TikTok at 8:30 pm EST where I will program them live. I will number your spot on the tray and send a mini reading to the email used to purchase. **You do not need to be present if you are not able.


**Please allow for readings to be sent 48-72 hours after the ceremony**


Please check your spam folder for emails from

*TIKTOK LIVE (2/09/24) New Moon Manifesting Candle Ceremony

  • This is NOT a physical product sent to you. 

    This candle will be programmed and burned live on TikTok.

    48-72 hours after the live, a mini reading will be sent to you with my energy observations. 

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