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🌑The New Moon in Pisces is almost here! As many of you may already know, this is also my personal sign! Are you ready to manifest dreams coming true?


♓As hinted to above, Pisces are dreamers, spending most of their time in the vastness of the Universe, discovering what all is possible. They love to take on projects that require leaps of faith and test their trust in the Universe and exercise their intuition.


✨So, under this New Moon, it's time to dive deeper into your dreams, explore what you truly want, and go after them! No dream is too big in the sign of Pisces.


Examples of how to manifest under the New Moon:


 ðŸŒ¿ Manifestations on growth: I manifest expansion of my personal growth by breaking through self-limiting beliefs and trusting my intuition and the guidance of the Universe.


💵 Manifestations on money: I manifest monetary wealth by expanding my ability to see the ways in which I can obtain it and my abilities of obtaining it (like taking on a new project or getting a promotion). Or, if you are trying to get a business off the ground: I manifest money flow within my business and expansion of my ideas on what services to offer to bring it in.


💖 Manifestations on love: I manifest love within my life through expansion of my heart and its capacity to receive and reciprocate love. I manifest love by broadening my ideas of how it can look and appreciating others perspectives.


***Add your manifestations into the notes at check out. Be specific! The more specific you are, the better the Universe can deliver!***


The live will be on TikTok 3/10/24 at 8:30 pm EST where I will program them live. I will number your spot on the tray and send a mini reading to the email used to purchase.


**Please allow for readings to be sent 48-72 hours after the ceremony**


Please check your spam folder for emails from

*TIKTOK LIVE (3/10/24) New Moon Manifesting Candle Ceremony

  • This is NOT a physical product sent to you. 

    This candle will be programmed and burned live on TikTok.

    48-72 hours after the live, a mini reading will be sent to you with my energy observations. 

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