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The NEW MOON is on 7/17/23 and that means it's time to set NEW intentions, goals, and manifest! The live will start at 8:30pm EDT.


Think of the New Moon as a fresh and incredibly powerful new start. Combined with Reiki infused Candle Magick, your desires will be sent out rapidly to the Universe, and you'll get a dose of Reiki to help you heal and work through the energy needed to make things happen! 


***Add your intentions, goals, desires, and manifestations into the notes at check out. Be specific! The more specific you are, the better the Universe can deliver!***



- If you want to make more money- "I want to make $500,000 per year via my candle making business by year 3 in business."

- If you want more clients- "I want to have 15 one-on-one clients per week by the next New Moon."

Don't be afraid of speaking EXACTLY what you want into the Universe. 


The live will begin on TikTok at 8:30pm EDT where I will program them live. I will number your spot on the tray and send a mini reading to the email used to purchase. **You do not need to be present if you are not able. 


Please check your spam folder for emails from

*TIKTOK LIVE (7/17/23)* Manifestation Reiki Candle

SKU: 555
  • One white candle infused with Reiki will be burned for you on TikTok live. **This is NOT a physical product sent to you.

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