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The FULL MOON is on 9/29/23 and that means it's time to RELEASE all your worries, stresses, patterns, and energies that are no longer serving you. The live will start at 9 pm EDT on TikTok.


Think of the Full Moon as a washing of your energy. A complete reset and rejuvenation. Combined with Reiki infused Candle Magick, your request to clear and rejuvenate will be sent out rapidly to the Universe, and you'll get a dose of Reiki to help you heal and work through the energy.


♈This Full Moon is in Aries and Aries are known for their passionate and independent spirits, honesty (even if it can be a little blunt), and complete dedication when it aligns with their values. They strive for their social, work, and personal lives to be exactly what they've dreamed of.


So, under this Full Moon, releasing with an emphasis on getting rid of all the energy that does not exactly align with your dreams, will increase your clearing. Release it with fiery confidence and with your eye on the prize of creating exactly what you want here and now.


***Add your clearing intention to the notes at checkout***


The live will begin on TikTok at 9 pm EDT where I will program them live. I will number your spot on the tray and send a mini reading to the email used to purchase. **You do not need to be present if you are not able.


**Please allow for readings to be sent 48-72 hours after the ceremony**


Please check your spam folder for emails from

*TIKTOK LIVE (9/29/23) Full Moon Clearing Candle

SKU: 222
  • This is NOT a physical product sent to you. 

    This candle will be programmed and burned live on TikTok.

    48-72 hours after the live, a mini reading will be sent to you with my energy observations. 

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