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StarBloom Healing

Discover Your Soul's Purpose and Blossom Into its Essence with StarBloom Healing. 

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Who I Am and What I Do

Welcome! My name is Carolyn, and I am the creator of StarBloom Healing, LLC. 


The formal facts about me:  

- Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher -

- Member of the International Center for Reiki Training -​


The magical facts:​​

- Soul Blossoming Expert -

- Divine Channeler -

- Moon Manifestation Specialist -

- Candle Magic Practitioner -


How I use my gifts: 

Channeling with the Divine, I look into the Soul, see it in its purest form, without judgement, and feel its energy. The Divine leads me where in the past, present, and future the Soul needs the support of Reiki to fully Blossom. As we shift energy, re-program, re-code, the Soul is allowed to shine in its purest form, revealing its true purpose, and the path to a Divinely Aligned life.


Read more about my Reiki story to below.​  



             How the Power of Reiki Changed My Life




"I lived a life controlled by fear and anxiety. I am [now] using Reiki unapologetically to help open doors for people."


I never had a single experience with Reiki beyond the occasional YouTube suggestion before diving into the practice. I would look at the videos of people with their hands held up to the screen and honestly thought it was a bit strange.


When one someone I followed on social media, who would later become a mentor, Kelly of Lunam Love, posted that they were teaching a Reiki class, I felt a literal shove by the Universe to take it! I thought it was a little comical since I had kind of judged some of the YouTube videos I had seen. My life tends to be full of that type of humor.

Though the Universe was shoving me towards Reiki, I tried EVERYTHING to get the Universe to stop. Yes, I really did. At that time, I was in a bad financial situation, and it didn't make sense to me to spend money on something I knew so little about. I tried to tell myself I was just crazy, maybe felt drawn to it because of boredom, anything.... but nothing worked. I had no idea why the Universe wanted me to do this, but I knew the Universe was not going to let up.

I went into Reiki as someone who was truly stuck in life. I would daydream about amazing things happening, big break throughs, and being this confident and powerful, yet gentle person who people would feel drawn to and safe with.


I dreamed of a lot of things happening, but I had no idea where to start. I was afraid. I was fearful of failure, fearful of putting myself or my family's security at risk, fearful doing things the 'wrong' way, fearful of judgment. I lived a life controlled by fear and anxiety.


Reiki completely and rapidly transformed me and as I dove deeper into my healing journey, and it finally made sense. Reiki wasn't just a tool for my healing, Reiki was and is my path.


I am sharing Reiki and my spirituality unapologetically. I am using this gift of Reiki to help clients conquer their fear, find their fiery confidence, find their purpose, to Blossom their Soul. I am using Reiki unapologetically to help open the doors for people. 

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